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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


Administrative offices for the West Hartford Public Schools are located in the Town Hall building at 50 South Main Street. 

Teacher FAQ's for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


My classroom is not conducive to student owned technology, am I required to allow my students to access their technology tools in the classroom?

No. Although we encourage teachers to leverage the student owned technology tools in their classroom for learning, there is no requirement of teachers to allow this. You are in charge of the way your class functions and the rules that apply.

Some of my students cannot access the network on their laptops or phones. I don’t have time in a class period to help them with this. Should I put in a help request or call the help desk?

No. Students who cannot access the WHPS network or who may have technical issues with their technology device need to take care of this issue by working with their user’s manual that came with the device out of the classroom. These are not WHPS devices and the district is not allocating resources at this time to troubleshoot issues. You are welcome to help if you choose, but it is not a staff member’s responsibility to ensure that student owned technology is functioning properly.

I have students in my school who are accessing the Internet using their provider’s data plan (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon etc.) on their smartphones or laptops, hence bypassing the filter. Is this a violation of the student AUP?

Students are not allowed to use cellular data plans while at school. Any BYOD user must use the school’s wireless network. If you suspect a student is using their own cellular data plan in order to access content that is not appropriate for school then this is considered a violation of school rules and the school’s discipline policy should be followed.

I have my own laptop and a smartphone. I would like to utilize these tools at work. Does new plan include school staff?

Yes. School staff can also access the whps_wifi network. After selecting this network, you must launch a new web browser session (e.g. www.google.com) which will automatically redirect you to our welcome page. You must register your device by entering your WHPS username and password on the left-side of the screen. Hint- this is the same username and password you use to login to a school computer. You will be prompted to read and acknowledge our administrative guidelines for acceptable use prior to connecting.

I keep getting prompted to register my device each day. Is there a way to have the system remember my device?

Yes- be sure to register your device on the left side of the welcome screen using your WHPS username and password. Properly registered devices are remembered by the system for a period of one school year. Only visitors (i.e. parents, guest presenters, etc.) should register on the Visitor side of the network. The visitor network is much slower, so to enjoy the full speed of the wireless always register your devices using your WHPS username and password.

One of my students was using his laptop to bully another student on school. Should I call the central technology office concerning this problem?

No. Any disciplinary infractions that occur from using technology tools should be referred to a school administrator. This would be student code of conduct issue, not a technology issue.

What Classroom Management approaches to BYOD are recommended?

The BYOD Traffic Light


The traffic light is posted in the front of the room (near the agenda). 
If it’s set to Red – there is absolutely no devices allowed that day (usually test days) – keep them in your pocket. 
If it’s on Yellow – they can bring their devices and if the need arises, they can ask permission to use them (just so that the teacher knows what they are doing on them) or the teacher may ask them to look something up, etc. 
If it’s set to Green, then if you got a device – get it out because we will definitely be using them.

Have a sign in/out system in place for students who need to borrow school devices. Click here to see an example of a sign in/out sheet.

At the beginning of each class that you are using BYOD, have the students get out their devices and turn them face down on their desk. This will give you a bird's eye view of the devices and it will curb some of the "texting in their pockets".

Adding apps: If you would like the students to have a particular app on their device, please make sure you give them plenty of notice so they can download it at home (and get their parents permission) and make sure you only ask them to download FREE apps. If you need to use an app that costs, please check with your campus tech facilitator about purchasing it for the campus.


Make sure you communicate clear expectations to students about when and how it is appropriate to use their devices.  Post these expectations! A few suggestions are below.


P – Purpose for using device is always educational
R – Responsible use of devices is always expected
I – Instructions for device use will always be followed
D – Devices must always be using the school’s WiFi network
E – Everyone will always conduct him or herself responsibly online

Digital Social Contract:

As a student,

  1. I am responsible for the choices I make when I use technology,

  2. I understand that using technology effectively is a skill that is essential to my success, and

  3. I understand that I am responsible when I use technology at school.

  4. That means…

  5. As a student, I am responsible…

  6. For keeping my personal computer devices secure when I bring them to school.

  7. For keeping my digital accounts secure.

  8. For what I do on when using technology at school.

  9. For not hurting the ability of others to learn.

  10. For what I say and do online.

  11. For giving credit where credit is due and respecting the intellectual property of others.

  12. For making good choices about when and where I use personal devices at school.

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