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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


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One of the most important things you can do to build your child's vocabulary is to simply talk to him or her.  

 Here are a few activities you can do at home to increase their vocabulary from an early age.

Finding the Right Words

Materials Needed: paper and pencil, construction paper, newspapers and/or magazines, dictionary and/or thesaurus, scissors, glue


Procedure:  This activity can be a fun art project, or it can be used as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday gift.

  • Pick a person or animal in your child's life.
  • Have your child brainstorm some words that describe that person/animal.  A dictionary and/or thesaurus will help generate some new and unusual adjectives as well.
  • Scan through the headlines in newspapers as well as advertisements and articles in magazines looking for the brainstormed words.  Remind your child it is fine to use other words he/she may come across even if they are not on his/her brainstormed list.
  • Once you have accumulated a pile of words and even a few appropriate pictures, arrange the cut-outs on construction paper.
  • Organize and glue them to make a unique collage or a creative greeting card.

Reference:  www.readingisfundamental.org

"On The Go" Vocabulary Games

Materials Needed: Paper and pencil for Vocabulary Charades only

Procedure: These games can be played in the car, at the beach, or at home anytime.

  • Vocabulary 20 Questions
    • Pick a word from a particular category (beach items, birds, types of fish, states, etc.).  Tell the category to the guessers.

    • The guessers ask yes/no questions about the "mystery word."

    • Cue your child to use the information given in previous answers to narrow down his/her questions and guesses.

  • Vocabulary Alphabet Game

    • In a group, take turns naming a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet, going in sequential order.

    • Options to make it more challenging:

      • Play several rounds.  Any word named in previous rounds cannot be used again.

      • Require that each word given belongs in the same category (i.e. foods, games, animals, etc.)

      • Require that each word is a specific number of letters.

  • Vocabulary Charades

    • Each player writes 2-3 vocabulary words on a piece of paper (to make it more challenging, require them all to be from the same category). Divide the players into teams.

    • Players take turns acting out the words without talking or sounds.

    • See which team can guess the most words!

Reference:  http://www.resourceroom.net/comprehension/vocabactivities.asp


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