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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


Administrative offices for the West Hartford Public Schools are located in the Town Hall building at 50 South Main Street. 



Phonics is the foundation for teaching students how to read.  Through phonics instruction students learn the relationship between letters and sounds.  Below are a few activities you can do at home to support your child in understanding this relationship:


Consonant Rummy

Materials Needed:  52 index cards (in place of a deck of cards), markers


  1. Pick 13 consonants you want to review.   
  2. Write each consonant on four index cards, totaling 52 cards. 

RULES:  Each player is dealt eight cards.  The first player asks another player for the consonants that begins a certain word.  For example, “Do you have a letter that begins the word get?”  If the player has a letter g, he/she gives it to you.  If the player does not have the letter g, the caller picks a card from the deck and the next player takes a turn.  The first player to have four cards of the same letter is the winner.  

Reference(s):  Adapted from Johns & Lenski, Improving Reading Strategies

Making Words

Materials Needed:  Paper, Writing utensil (pencils, crayons, markers)


  1. Pick a word with more than 5 letters. (example: stand)
  2. Think about how many words you can make from the word stand and make a list of the words (at, sat, as, Stan, Dan, tan, an, and). 
  3. Write the word stand on a piece of paper, leaving spaces between each letter.  Count out the letters.  (s, t, a, n, d)
  4. Have your child move the letters around to create new words.  Tell them to make the words you listed above.  Saying: “make the word at.  Now, add an s in front of at the make the word sat.  Continue this until all the words are made.

Reference(s):  Adapted from Johns & Lenski, Improving Reading Strategies

A Few Word Patterns

Add a consonant before each chunk to make a new word. How many words can you make?

Short Vowels:

Short a sounds: -ab, -ack, -ad. -ag, -am, -ank, -ash, -atch

Short e sounds: -eck, - ed, -eg, -end, -ent, - ess, -est, -et

Short i sounds: -ib, -ick, -id, -ig, -ill, -ing, - ip, -ish, -it, - itch

Short o sounds: -ob, -ock, -od, -og, -ong, -ot

Short u sounds:  -ub, -uck, -ud, -uff, -um, - ump, -unch, - ush

Long Vowels:

Long a sounds: -ace, - ade, -age, -aid, - ail, - ain, - ate

Long e sounds:  -each, -ead, -eat, -eek, - eep, - eet

Long i sounds: -ice, -ide, -ife, - igh, -ight, -ike, -ime, -ite

Long o sounds: -oad, - oast, - oat, -old, - one, - ow

Long u sounds:  -use, - ute

Additional Games Include:

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