Bugbee Elementary School

Bugbee Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Bugbee EDI is a parent lead organization aimed at creating a safe place for parents and students within the Bugbee community. We encourage anyone to become involved and learn how to make Bugbee a more inclusive and equitable space for every student.

The Bugbee Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee believes in the following mission:

Bugbee’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is invested in promoting equal access to opportunity for all; advancing non-discrimination and respect for individual differences; and fostering empathy, inclusiveness, and consideration for others. We are committed to learning by challenging ideas and being a safe place where all identities are welcomed, valued, and heard.

Current Co-Chairs:

  • Hakema Hussein

  • Shiyrah Suplita

Sub committee chairs:

  • Bugbee Welcoming Committee:

    • Pam Borer

    • Brian Crowley

Please join our mailing list to stay in touch and learn about upcoming meetings. You can reach us at:  Bugbee.EDI@gmail.com

If you would prefer to provide anonymous feedback to us on an issue, you can leave us physical mail in our office mail box or by clicking here.

In addition to the school level EDI work, you can find more information on the work being done in the town level Equity and Diversity Council here.

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