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The Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools at Braeburn School
The Foundation for West Hartford Public Schools at Braeburn School

The Foundation's mission is to provide financial support for educational projects, programs, and initiatives that will enhance and enliven the classroom experience and promote excellence in West Hartford Public Schools.

The Foundation raises funds from individuals, businesses, and civic groups in the community as well as alumni nationwide. Gifts of $1,000 or more entitle the donor to honor an individual, business or civic group by having the Foundation name a grant. Once a year, certified teachers throughout the school district are invited to apply for grants ranging from $200 to $3,000 for a project that will enhance student experience, complement the curriculum and demonstrate educational merit. A Foundation committee reviews the applications with the teacher's name and school removed. After approval by the Foundation board, awards are presented in late spring of each year.

For more information or to apply for a grant, visit The Foundation's webpage HERE.

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Grants Awarded to Braeburn this year:

Catherine and Martin Woods Family Grant: Reading with Dragons
Claudine Lavoie, Lead Teacher

David Biedrzycki is a children’s author well known for writing and illustrating 9 children’s books for elementary school children. Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students at Braeburn Elementary School will learn from David in a series of assemblies about what is involved in the writing process, what inspires him to write and how he handles rejection.  He will spend time discussing his ideas for his books and the story elements found in each of his manuscripts. This grant will tie in directly with the current WHPS curriculum by reinforcing the importance of learning effective writing skills, helping students alleviate the often-frustrating and difficult process of writing.  Mr. Biedrzcki’s presentations will reinforce the grade level objectives by centering his presentation on story elements, creating exciting illustrations, and discusing how his artistic process moves from idea to first draft to a published book.

Cricket Press Grant: Pencil Power Publications
June Mann, Lead Teacher & Kathleen Hayes

Students in kindergarten through fifth grade at Braeburn Elementary School will be able to publish original stories, which they write and illustrate, through the establishment of publishing centers in the classroom.  Publishing students’ writing, and extending the community beyond the classroom will help create an engaged school of writers and provide students with opportunities to give and receive feedback through the writing process.

West Hartford Retired Educators Association Grant: Flying with BeeBots
Claudine Lavoie, Lead Teacher

BeeBots are small bee-shaped robots designed for young children ages 6 and older.  These brightly colored “bee-inspired” robots are used in classrooms to teach a variety of objectives including sequencing, estimation, and problem solving. The curriculum opportunities are endless when using BeeBots. Students in grades K-4 at Braeburn Elementary School will use these mini-robots as a hands-on way of practicing language arts and social studies standards while building teamwork and communication skills. These are the twenty-first-century skills we expect our children to master before leaving the West Hartford Public Schools. BeeBots incorporate basic computer coding mixed with a little bit of fun. Students will be trained to operate and code the movements of each robot to perform various functions. Students in kindergarten will code the devices to maneuver through a maze. First grade students will practice sight words and sequencing.  Second grade students will practice math problems and third and fourth grade students will use the BeeBots to find longitude and latitude or identify directions and landmarks. The curriculum connections are numerous and are only limited by a teacher’s imagination.