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Our Mission is to inspire and prepare all students to realize their potential and enhance our global community.


Administrative offices for the West Hartford Public Schools are located in the Town Hall building at 50 South Main Street. 

Summer Math Challenge

summer reading challenge


The Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge is a FREE math skills maintenance program based on the Connecticut Core Standards for Mathematics. The program is designed to help kids retain math skills learned during the previous school year. More information about the Summer Math Challenge can be found on Connecticut's Official State Website.


Check out these exciting ways to participate! 


Grades 1-5

  1. Go to quantiles.com/summer-math to enroll your child.
  2. Starting Monday, June 19, check your inbox for daily emails with fun math activities and resources.
  3. Visit quantiles.com/summer-math every day to read about the weekly math concept and earn badges.
  4. When the program ends on Friday, July 28, print an award certificate to celebrate your child’s summer accomplishment!

Grades 6-8

  1. Go to www.khanacademy.org and sign in with your WHPS gmail account.
    • If you already have an account on Khan Academy, you can utilize it. You do NOT have to create a new username to participate in this program.
    • For students who do not already have an account and are under 13, parents/guardians may want to set up an account for their child using their own email address.
  2. Once you sign in, click on your account name in the upper-right hand corner. Select Profile. When your profile loads, select Coaches. For the summer, enter both department supervisors as Coaches (monique_albani-ethier@whps.org, michelle_graveline@whps.org).  Note: When you receive your classroom teacher for the school year, you can add that teacher as a coach as well so that they can see your work.
  3. Go to the search tool (a magnifying glass) at the top of the page and type in your first skill name (Or use the direct links in this document).  Make sure the option you choose is an Exercise with the exact name on the skill list.   If you are struggling, you can use one of the suggested strategies (hints, videos, or articles) to help you.

More information about WHPS Mathematics Summer Enrichment Assignments can be found here and more about the Summer Math Challenge can be found on Connecticut's Official State Website


Grades 9-12

  1. Go to khanacademy.org/mission/sat.
  2. Set your current skill levels by completing diagnostic quizzes, taking a full test, or link your SAT, PSAT/NMSQT®, PSAT 10, or PSAT 8/9 results.
  3. Practice math every day to keep your skills sharp.
  4. When summer ends, record the amount of time you spent practicing on Khan Academy.


A Message to Families and Students: 

Why has the State of Connecticut launched the Commissioner’s Summer Math Challenge? Because being mathematically literate is important. Mathematically literate individuals are able to make informed decisions about the world around them and have the interest and confidence to meet the needs and challenges of today’s society.

  • Mathematics is a core skill for life. It is necessary in a range of life-skills. 
  • Mathematics develops critical thinking skills. It requires logic and order to solve complex problems. 
  • Mathematics enables us to explain how things work. It allows us to express our thoughts and ideas with clarity, coherence and precision. 
  • Mathematics is essential in a world of constant change. New technologies are changing the way we live. It is becoming an increasingly important factor in a variety of industries.
  • Mathematics is the gateway to the future. Learning mathematics will enable students to become college and career ready.

What YOU Can Do to Encourage Mathematics:

  • Encourage your child to use what is already known to find answers for new problems.
  • Ask your child to explain what she or he is doing when working on a problem. Be patient with unfamiliar methods, because they might be helpful to support your child’s understanding of mathematics.
  • Encourage your child to stick with a problem that may seem difficult at first; working on different ways to solve a problem can be helpful. 
  • Play math games with your child and ask for explanations of his or her strategies and solutions. 
  • Use everyday activities to show your child how mathematics is used. 
  • Reinforce mathematics by sharing your thinking as you work through real problems, especially if it takes some time and effort to find a solution. 
  • Show enthusiasm for your child’s study of mathematics. 

West Hartford Public Schools

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